What I did during the Pandemic (2020)

Since the end of my school year in 8th grade (March), I wasn’t able to go out for 9 months due to the pandemic. I was most of the time in the house doing something I find interesting. During the break, I had done so many things that could be helpful for future purposes. I had completed different courses I take based on my interests in Alison and Udemy. Until now I am still in the progress of learning and improving the German language doing some exercises and performing them when talking to my father. After completing enough courses, I started something more interesting which is making my own website. Moreover, in 9th grade, school started later in September. It is online schooling that I find more comfortable and where I could be more concentrated when taking a test. Now is almost Christmas and I too have Christmas vacation although I have many projects that should be given next year (2021) knowing that there’s not much to do and couldn’t be engaged in outdoor activities.