I am an average high school student recently studying at Silliman University. 2020 has been a tuff year especially with the pandemic going on that made our school year start extremely late. But that wouldn’t be such a problem for me since I used my time efficiently on completing different online courses that suit my interests.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

Talking about learning another language, as I said, I’m still in the process of improving my German. In my opinion, I suck at learning new languages. It drains my mind just by thinking about the words I have to use, grammar, and sentence structure. Considering that I have a dialect and still have 2 languages to master at school. These languages keep getting mixed up that my mind just suddenly stops working and blank out. Even with these issues, I believe that I would be successful in learning the language, especially because I will be needing it very often in the future. Getting this huge possibility, knowing that speaking these many languages will be a great advantage for me.

2008 – 2011Kinder GartenCatherina Cittadini (St. Louise) Private School
2011 – 2017Elementary
Grade 1-6
Catherina Cittadini (St. Louise) Private School
2017 – 2020Junior High
Grade 7-8
Silliman University Private School
and Online Courses
2020 – 2022Junior High
Grade 9-10
Online Schooling in Silliman University
School Year Calendar

Online Courses Accomplished

  • Wide Area Networks and Networking Services and Security
  • Introduction to Programming with Python
  • Diploma in Python Programming – Revised
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Microsoft Office 2019 – Beginner to Expert Level
  • Microsoft Digital Literacy – Productivity Programs
  • Microsoft Digital Literacy – Computer Security and Privacy
  • Basic German – German in situations
  • German A2 – German for Advanced Beginners
  • German for Beginners A1
  • WordPress for Beginners – Master WordPress Quickly
  • Retail Management – Retail Technology and Security
  • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Retail Management – Merchandising, Distribution and Marketing
  • Human Health – Diet and Nutrition
  • International Marketing and Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Service Skills
  • CPR, AED and First Aid
  • Physical Fitness – How to Avoid Injuries and Train Safely
  • Professionalism in the Office
  • Introduction to Human Nutrition

Certificates and Diploma