As a teenager, some hobbies of mine would be somewhat similar to other teens my age. That would include binge-watching. I would prefer genres such as romance, thriller, a slice of life, and fiction. Since it’s quarantine, I wouldn’t want to feel bored and so I tried looking for new hobbies that would fit in with my personality. I somewhat found a new hobby but then it didn’t work out that well.

I started collecting different kinds of flowers, examining them, and wrote their names with some information, and tried compressing them on a notebook. Later on, they started to develop gray mushrooms. Since I live in a country with so much humidity in the air, it was stupid of me to not know this before. I should have researched more about it. It was a failure….



It looks horrible right now. I want to try it all over again and make it with *perfection*. Recently I have been drying flower petals and since we don’t own an oven, I just simply let it dry outside. It feels like an oven outside anyway. I’m planning to collect them in small boxes with labels on them and maybe I could use them in making cards and letters. I haven’t decided what I would do with the dried flowers (It’s just so pretty). 

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