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Some people travel for business, attend meetings or conferences, or conduct business with clients or partners. However, in our case, traveling as a family allows us to enjoy new experiences, visit new places, try new activities, and learn various things like new cultures, historical sites, and traditions. The best part is we get to try every country’s specialties! I mean where’s the fun if you just eat something you’ve already tried, right? Trying different food specialties is a great way to experience the local culture and learn about different cuisines.

Let’s not forget the time when we also travel every summer to visit our grandparents living in Europe, specifically Interlaken, Switzerland. It’s a really lovely place, brings back many memories which make me want to go back. Sharing these moments with my sister, I’d still remember little me, innocent, curious, and always thirsty for new adventures.

Countries we’ve visited

2015Europe (Italy, Rome, France,
Luxembourg, Monaco, Germany,
Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland)
2018Singapore & Europe (Czech Republic,
Austria, Germany, Switzerland)
2019Hongkong & Macau
2020 – 2022Pandemic
A quick video summary of our latest trip in Hongkong & Macau

2021 – 2022

With this pandemic going on, it’s very challenging to travel thus I’m always keeping myself busy to avoid wasting my time on nothing. Hopefully, traveling will be easier after some time, however, I know for certain that once this pandemic is over, it’ll be the time where I have to be on my own, getting a job and accomplishing my goals.

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