Traveling as a family is a way for all of us to get the chance to learn new things like history, culture, tradition, and more. We were spending our time traveling every summer also to visit our grandparents living in Europe and making so many memories although I haven’t remembered all of the places we went to. Looking back at that time, I had so many regrets that made me want to go back to all of the places we’ve visited. I was just a small girl back then and I still didn’t find what I want and my interests. My father has given us the possibility to be able to travel to many places at a very young age. We were so innocent and curious which made it funnier just by thinking about the time we spent together.

With this pandemic going on, it’s impossible to travel and so I’m making myself busy to avoid wasting my time for nothing. Hopefully, we will be able to travel again (I wonder how long it would take). I’m certain that once the pandemic is over, it would be the time where I will be on my own, getting a job and accomplishing my goals. Lately, I have challenged myself to travel back to the places I’ve been before. But that would mean that I should kick my ass, choose a career and earn money where I could make my challenge happen.

Countries we’ve visited

2015Europe (Italy, Vatican, France,
Luxembourg, Monaco, Germany,
Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland)
2018Singapore and Europe (Czech Republic,
Austria, Germany, Switzerland)
2019Hongkong and Macau
2020-2021Pandemic 🙁

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