Reflecting on my Work Immersion experience at the company, I have gained invaluable skills and insights that have significantly contributed to my personal and professional growth.

Firstly, I learned about lean principles, which focus on reducing waste in processes. I also got training in Six Sigma methods and gained white-belt knowledge. Learning about DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) taught me how to solve problems step by step. Building a desktop computer and installing an operating system was tough because I hadn’t done it before, but with some basic knowledge and help from colleagues, I managed to overcome the challenges.

The work environment was dynamic and valued cybersecurity, a field I find particularly intriguing. Seeing how the company prioritized security measures inspired me to want to study more about cybersecurity.

Interactions with colleagues and supervisors were a great learning experience. Doing tasks together helped us bond, and I appreciated how they shared their knowledge and helped me learn.

My Work Immersion experience made me rethink my career goals. While I admired the dedication of call center workers, I realized it wasn’t the right fit for me in the long run. The repetitive nature of the work made me lean more towards wanting a job that’s more varied and exciting.

With this experience, I want to continue studying cybersecurity and technology. The skills I gained and the lessons learned will be really useful as I move forward in my career. The acquired skills and lessons will undoubtedly shape my professional development, guiding my approach to problem-solving and decision-making in future pursuits.

In summary, my Work Immersion was a big learning experience. It helped me understand how businesses work, clarified what I want in a career, and showed me the importance of always being open to learning new things. I’m grateful for this experience and excited about what comes next.

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Hello! My name is Anna-Sophie Matysek, currently living in the Philippines. I'm merely a student eager to try new things to relieve curiosity. Feel free to explore my personal website and learn more about my background, hobbies, and achievements.

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