06/17/2021 – Thursday

I have been engaging in online learning for a whole school year now and have found many advantages and disadvantages. At the beginning of the school year, I did great with my academics. My grades went unexpectedly high which made me feel kind of weird and strange, but then it was way easier with the performance tasks and projects when dealing with public speaking (I’m so bad at that, to be honest). I just had to make a video, and when I forget a line, I could just edit it anyway.


There are quite a lot when talking about the advantages of online learning in my point of view. First of all, I got to concentrate more since the place I’m living is often silent with no other students distracting and tempting me not to study. I often study the day before or an hour before the test so it’s a big advantage for me XD.

Another is, I wouldn’t be needing to worry about passing my assignments due on that day. We got a stable internet connection and so there’s no problem at all. Other than going to school (face to face), we need to pass the assignment on that hour and we all know that it sucks when the teachers are not around as well.

Moving on to the third pros, I get to learn my lessons by myself and be independent, getting the will to learn. It’s going to be a great thing in my future especially when I will be studying on my own for a career that I love, it would be easier since I got to practice it in my whole existence.

For the last one, it is about transportation. I won’t be going to school early in the morning still sleepy and uncomfortable dealing with people. It would also save more money knowing that transportation nowadays is getting expensive. And of course, it will help reduce the cause of Global Warming, reducing the use of motor vehicles. I live in a tropical country so I would love it to go out without burning myself since it’s extremely hot.


I’ve seen just a few disadvantages so far. Number one would always be distractions. There’s no other problem, besides me. We have most of the time a stable internet connection and so I get distracted that I couldn’t focus on my work, you know there’s a whole lot of crazy things happening on the internet nowadays, but then I always push myself to do my responsibilities and pass at least five assignments per day. Observing my acts last school year, I came to my senses that I should be disciplining myself even more especially at the start of getting distracted.

Self-Motivation can be a bit of a problem for me. I admit I can be pretty lazy sometimes, for those teenagers out there, I’m sure it’s quite relatable. But sometimes, I could also easily manipulate my mind to motivate myself on doing my work. Of course, time management, I somehow suck at this. I give myself a schedule but then I get lazy and cram.

Based on my experience, I get upset when some of my teachers wouldn’t follow the schedule and just simply text in the group chat saying we will be having a synchronous session at that exact time. I have to check my messenger once in a while to avoid missing a class or any announcement but then this would be also distracting. And yes, communication, especially in group projects, my groupmates won’t even open the group chat. I find it hard to get in contact with them and so I ended up making most of the project myself.

Other than these, I haven’t found any more disadvantages to online learning. Listing all of these made me think that Virtual Learning and face-to-face classes have their pros and cons. In my opinion, I would want it if these two get mixed up somehow. I don’t know if that could happen but then we all have our own opinions.

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